This ready-to-hang Minimalist Art collection comes in sizes ranging from 11" x 4" to 40" x 60". Ideal for using as:

  1. Living Room Art
  2. Poster
  3. Home Decor Ideas
  4. Interior Decoration
  5. Home Office Art
  6. Bedroom Art 

Isn't it amazing how every city has unique DNA that makes it different from other places? And it seems that the more time we spend in the cities, the more like them we become. Beautiful, agitated, exciting, and full of life!

This collection aims to capture the spirit of the girls living in some of the most important cities in the world - NYC, Paris, and Toronto.

Discover minimalist art with adaptable layouts to fit your space, including three-piece, one-piece, and framed Canvas, to create a daring, designer home instantly.