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Founded in 2018, Anaya Arts Inc. is an innovative art brand based in Ottawa, Canada. Known for its unique art style, Anaya’s minimalist art captured afrocentric beauty, hair and culture because representation matters. Our goal was to break stereotypes surrounding the black community and to spark healthy conversations, now more than ever.



Today we continue to be inspired by representation, but strive to be more inclusive of different groups of people, cultures and ideas. We specialize in empowering and inspiring through creative expression!

"You can't be what you can't see" - Marian Wright Edelman



Sustainability is the future, and that's why we're taking steps to make sure we're part of the movement! 

Our products are printed-on-demand and are unique to each customer. This means that production only starts once the customer has placed the order. This helps us produce less waste, avoid overproduction and creates a more sustainable alternative to the traditional bulk manufacturing and selling model. 

With each order, you help us support a more sustainable business model.




Fiona is a self-proclaimed natural born artist that preoccupied her introverted childhood days by doodling...on everything! As the doodles matured into intricate drawings, so did her confidence and recognition of her talent. 

This helped uncover a vision along the way with Anaya becoming a manifestation of her personal journey of exploration and self-discovery. What started as a past time has evolved into the brand you know and love today!


Representation has been the source of inspiration because as a person of colour, Fiona didn't see herself reflected in the world (through toys, books, movies etc). Therefore her doodling naturally evolved into designs that represented black women, natural hair & black culture in general. But also into pieces of art that delivered profound and relatable messages. 

Today, the vision is bigger and the goal is to deliver art that speaks to more than just the black community, as there are many underrepresented voids to fill and areas of creativity to explore.


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