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Letter From The Founder

Hi there, and welcome to Anaya Arts: a different kind of art space. 

My name is Fiona and I am the artist, founder & creative director of Anaya Arts, among other things. My unique artistic style was first born from my love of doodling...on everything! This eventually turned into a unique self-expression, and a form of relaxation and meditation in my teens and now, a full-on brand!  

Representation matters, and this is where my art inspiration first stemmed from. As a person of color, I didn't see myself reflected in the world (through toys, books, ads, movies etc.). So, my doodles naturally evolved into designs that clearly represented black women, natural hair & black culture in general. For 2 years, people resonated with not only my unique art style, but the profound & relatable messages behind each & every piece.  

Today, representation to me now goes beyond that because there are so many other types of people, groups, places that also need a voice that speaks for them through art. My goal is to fill voids that empower and inspire through artistic expression! I aim to think outside the box & leave my creative comfort zone in order to deliver art that speaks to everyone. 

Best regards,

Fiona K. 

letter from founder